domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

The Beast Final Update

Well..., I finally done the character. My problem here was that I want to make a believable fur. First I make fur in fibermesh and then bake normals onto the body but, that´s make the root to uniforms and hard, thats make the character horrible when you looks close. Then I tryed to make fur in substance where I´m very noob I have to say xDDD. Well, It was amazing when you can just work the normals independently above any diff you´ve got. Anyway, I found that for me the best way was to merge both and blurring the fibermesh normal a bit. I used emmisive map instead of metallic map, no sense if no metallic pieces....

I enjoyed a lot and learned the substance workflow so I´m pretty happy with the results and time spent

Ok, the description of the character

" The forest spirits lives in the most unhabitated places of the world... They are the forest souls and guardians of the nature. If you find one, feel yourself afortunate, because... They only appear to humans that are in connection with the Earth..."
   - Boy: - But I´m in connection with the nature!
   - Mother: - mmmmhm... first throw the bin bag out, then,  We will talk about it....

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